Zinc Coating Service Process Automation

Most of the galvanizing companies are engaged in processing customer material and therefore the capability needed to automate this process starts from inspecting customer material, identifying processing requirements, creating a work order, production planning and processing material, dispatching and invoice generation. Galvanizers face industry-specific challenges that standard ERP solutions are not designed to address. FusionFox is the only solution in the market with the required capability to automate end to end process along with capacity planning and utilization.

FusionFox is a proven solution and delivered to the large organizations involved in Galvanizing Services. Our 20+ years of experience in the  galvanizing industry gives us the ability to understand every challenge that you face and offer the most efficient and practical solution. Available on Amazon AWS Cloud under SaaS offering so that you do not need to make any capital investment on the solution, infrastructure, and technology. There are other deployment options available - if cloud based subscription model is not your preferred choice.

Streamline the process, minimize the risk of miscalculation, implement pricing policy applicable for different material categories and invoice generation with FusionFox. It is  designed to automate end to end process involved in galvanizing customer material and help you in effective capacity planning and job scheduling.

Build the Pricing Policies that work best for you

You can build pricing policies by applying rules on Material Category and Material Grades or Condition. System automatically identifies processing requirements based on the material category and condition to arrive at the pricing based on the pre-defined rules. You can also define customer pricing agreement which overrides standard pricing policies and rules. Furthermore, providing you flexibility to choose from three different billing units applicable to specific material categories.

Configurable Billing Unit

Material Weight

You can define pricing based on the material weight for certain material categories or for all the material coming for processing. This is the most standard price model adapted by most galvanizers.

Per Piece or Quantity

Depending on consumption of the zinc in processing the material. You can also charge based on the no of pieces that you are processing for certain material categories.

Surface Area

If you are processing steel sheets or material with low weight and large surface area then you can adapt surface area based pricing model for specific material categories

User Experience and Screens Overview
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Key Steps Involved


Work Order

Inspect customer material, identify processing requirements, communicate the estimated cost to the customer and receive material



Schedule work order for production, production process management, dressing of the processed material and quality control 



Dispatch processed material against the work order either in full or partial. System tracks pending processed materials of the customer  to be dispatched



Raise invoices against the dispatch or against multiple dispatch transactions. Export invoice details for uploading in the accounting system

Galvanizing Process Overview