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Unlock your true business potential with our AI-driven business transformation solutions powered by data mining, embedded machine learning, and predictive analytics

It’s not enough to respond to disruption. Anticipate disruption by enhancing the capabilities to stay ahead of the competition. We help connect business strategies with transformation ambitions to drive executional discipline and deliver high performance.

Our solutions are focused on 4 key business dimensions

Draw actionable insights from historical data to enhance future business performance.

Empowering businesses to perform better


Gofusion solutions are powered with embedded machine learning tools that get sharper from transactional data to forecast the future, guide decision-makers, and enable data-driven decisions.

We have the right machine learning (ML) tools to drive your business transformation aspirations to fruition. Harness statistical data, mitigate errors, and make vital course corrections to adapt to changing and technology-driven business scenarios.

Key Capabilities:

  • On-cloud business transformation solution

  • Inbuilt RPA plugs for efficient process automation

  • Embedded ML tools that train your process models

  • Growth prospect and risk analytics

  • Identification and autocorrection of planning gaps

Boost your performance drive with Perfacto, measure what matters.


Platform to manage and deliver high performance across the organization


Targets  |  Feedback  |  Inclusion  |  Hybrid

Perfacto is derived from two words Performance and factors which is primarily due to the reason that it covers all the factors involved in driving and measuring performance at different levels in the organization.


You can now measure how individual employee and department contributions are helping the organization achieve its business goals and deliver high performance. Perfacto is fully equipped to develop an inclusive performance culture in your organization. 

Key Capabilities:

  • Create an inclusive performance culture

  • Formulate performance evaluation strategy

  • Set targets and receive feedback

  • Measure performance results scientifically

You do not need to reinvent the wheel. Perfacto is here to set the stage for you to perform.


500+ KPIs in the Library

You can find KPIs for every business area, department, and employee in our library. Pick and choose what works best for you or add new if needed.

300+ Feedback Questions
Our questions library is fully equipped with multiple-choice to collect feedback straightaway. You can also add your own questions as and when needed.

30+ Feedback Templates

Ready to use templates covering customer feedback, post-project feedback or post-assignment employee feedback, performance appraisals, etc.

20+ Evaluation Metrics

You do not need to hire consultants to help you how to evaluate and set metrics to measure performance. We have all that is needed to get you started.

Integrated Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Solutions

Workforce (WPM)

You can build performance evaluation strategies for employees that include individual KPIs, targets, 360-degree reviews, and inclusive performance.

Projects (PPM)

Set project KPIs and performance targets, update achievements/ results, collect customer or internal feedback from project stakeholders, and autopilot measurement process.

Department (DPM)

A department or operating unit can be a performance center. Furthermore, one department can also have multiple performance centers where employees are enrolled.

Enterprise (EPM)

The performance of the organization is inherited from the performance centers. You can define an evaluation strategy to measure organizational and business segment performance.

On-cloud solutions for industrial services and contracting companies

FusionFox PowerDrive: Next-generation enterprise platform enabling organizations to enhance productivity, autopilot repetitive tasks, and improve workforce resilience.

Realign your strategies to stay ahead of the competition by reducing costs, improving customer experience, and lowering operational risks. Choose intelligent solutions to disrupt outmoded business models with new value propositions.

FusionFox PowerDrive is qualified to turn any large ERP project debacle into a success story. It is designed to cover end-to-end functional requirements of diverse industry sectors and business sizes.

Key Capabilities:

  • Unified platform to manage/integrate with different departments

  • Intelligent tools to transform mission-critical processes

  • Inbuilt ML and embedded RPA to boost organizational performance

  • Massive time savings to allow you and your employees to thrive

gofusion Product Capabilities

FusionFox PowerDrive Industry Focus: We endorse enterprise-wide transformation capabilities so you can drive your growth initiatives with confidence

ERP for Manufacturing

Manufacturing Industry

FusionFox is a proven solution used by large organizations involved in make-to-order,  make-to-stock, and make-to-assemble manufacturing processes.


Our deep domain specialization in the manufacturing industry allows us to present to you the best solutions to address concerns that manufacturers regularly grapple with.

Trading and Distribution

FusionFox PowerDrive is fully equipped to minimize process problems of traders, stockists, and distributors.

We help you eliminate human errors and sharpen your workflows by better managing sales operations, improving demand planning and supply chain, and efficiently managing goods distribution processes

ERP for Trading and Distribution
ERP for Construction

Construction, Mining, and Contracting

Keep pace with the rapidly changing construction, contracting, and mining landscape. Choose technology-driven process transformation to help you reimagine your business.


FusionFox allows smart optimization of resources and boosts performance and productivity, thereby improving your bottom line.

Boost your efficiency and brand image. Go paperless with FusionFox business transformation solutions.

Actualize your transformation endeavors while reducing your carbon footprint

Cut out manual organizing and record keeping. Optimize business processes and reduce processing time to stay ahead of the game.


FusionFox is helping organizations deliver better customer experiences at each touchpoint to significantly enhance their perceived service quality and brand value. Our responsive UI is designed to help you maintain all the relevant answers for your business within a few clicks or keystrokes away. Autopilot and weblink generation features, automated email communications engine, streamlined document sorting, and faster retrieval of information are just some of the advantages our solution comes packed with. Let’s start by building sharper processes for improved business prospects.

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