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Empowering organizations to make data-driven decisions

We provide purpose-built generative AI solutions tailored for enterprises, which analyze historical datasets, fill in missing data points, enrich existing data, establish predictive rules, and accurately forecast factors, patterns, and values crucial for decision-making.

Our product lineup is divided into 4 categories

Generative AI

Draw actionable insights from historical data to enhance efficiency, productivity and minimize risk.

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Empower your enterprise with our purpose-built Generative AI solutions

We have the right machine learning (ML) tools to drive your business transformation aspirations to fruition. Harness historic data, factor various aspects, mitigate errors, and make vital course corrections to adapt to changing and technology-driven business scenarios.

Key Capabilities:

  • 20+ Generative AI Use Cases for diverse industries

  • Inbuilt RPA plugs for efficient process automation

  • Embedded ML tools that train our process models

  • Generating Predicting analytics

  • Power insights to enable data-driven decisions

gofusion Product Capabilities

Boost your performance drive with Perfacto, and measure what matters.


Platform to manage and deliver high performance across the organization


Targets  |  Feedback  |  Collective  |  Hybrid

Perfacto is derived from two words Performance and factors which is primarily due to the reason that it covers all the factors involved in driving and measuring performance at different levels in the organization.


You can now measure how individual employee and department contributions are helping the organization achieve its business goals and deliver high performance. Perfacto is fully equipped to develop a collective performance culture in your organization. 

Key Capabilities:

  • Create an collective performance culture

  • Formulate performance evaluation strategy

  • Set targets and receive feedback

  • Measure performance results scientifically

Perfacto: Collective Performance Management Platform

You do not need to reinvent the wheel. Perfacto is here to set the stage for you to perform.

Perfacto: Collective Performance Management Platform

500+ KPIs in the Library

You can find KPIs for every business area, operation center, department, and employee in our library. Pick and choose what works best for you or add new if needed.

300+ Feedback Questions
Our questions library is fully equipped with multiple-choice to collect feedback straightaway. You can also add your own questions as and when needed.

30+ Feedback Templates

Ready to use templates covering customer feedback, post-project feedback or post-assignment employee feedback, performance appraisals, etc.

20+ Evaluation Metrics

You do not need to hire consultants to help you with the process to evaluate and set metrics to measure performance. We have all that is needed to get you started.

Integrated Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Solutions

Employee (EPM)

Build performance evaluation strategies for different types of employees. Set KPIs, targets and measure achievements, conduct a feedback based performance reviews OR Both.

Collective (CPM)

Create collective performance culture to drive high performance across centers e.g. departments, business units or work centers. Reward teams based on achieving collective targets.

Projects (PPM)

Set project KPIs, performance targets and track achievements. Schedule and automate customer or internal feedback collection process, and measure feedback data scientifically.

Enterprise (EPM)

The performance of the organization is inherited from the performance centers. You can define an evaluation strategy to measure organizational and business segment performance.

Organization Drive

Obsolete skills baggage can rapidly grow if organizations are not equipped to improve talent value to business 

Skill360: Skill Planning Solution

Strategic Skill Planning, Mapping, and AI-driven Talent Value Management Platform


Mapping  |  Planning  |  Valuation  |  Optimization

Aligning workforce talent and skills with the strategic objectives of the organization to maximize the returns from workforce investments. By identifying the skill gaps in advance, organizations can re-skill or acquire the right talent.


Skillight offers numerous benefits for organizations looking to optimize workforce utilization, build the right skills to meet workforce demand, and enhance overall workforce performance. 

Key Benefits:

  • Conduct accurate skill inventory assessment

  • Identify and consolidate skill requirements 

  • Enable data-driven hiring or re-skilling decisions

  • Enhance employee engagement and boosts employee morale

  • Optimize workforce deployment and utilization

Modules and Capability Overview

Empower your organization with our purpose-built industry solutions

Strategic Skill Planning

Transform workforce skill planning processes include business objectives planning, identifying and consolidating skill requirements across organization.

Skills Inventory

Providing a real-time, clear and structured overview of the skills, experience, capabilities and expertise available within the workforce. Helping you identify current and future skill gaps. 

Talent Valuation AI

Learning from the skill, practice data and continuously updating talent value ratings. Flexibility to define rules and preferences taken into consideration during the talent valuation process.

Re-Skilling Management

Based on the skill gap analysis, create a comprehensive re-skilling plan that is aligned with your current and future business objectives. Set re-skilling targets and track achievements.

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