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Machine learning from statistical data is a starting point, but systematically applying these learnings in forward business planning is the key to success. DataMatrix is an enterprise AI platform built by goFusion to autopilot end-to-end processes from learning to applying.


Cognitive Automation Platform: Learning to Applying

Delivering enterprise solutions to diverse industries for more than two decades; gives us the ability to understand your data structure, challenges, and integrity. We can build right data modeling strategies and apply correct machine learning production tools that consume statistical data residing in your existing enterprise systems.


Leverage statistical data capabilities to build an Intelligence and Proactive Enterprise

DataMatrix is an integrated AI Platform built by goFusion to enable business opportunities arising from the use of embedding AI in the enterprise application landscape. Organizations have a mountainous volume of data, but limited or no ability to exploit for the business advantage.


The mission for functional leaders is to identify initiatives that will drive enterprise growth ambitions and they must be willing to explore, experiment with, and implement AI capabilities to pursue new value-generating opportunities.


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Data Modeling

This includes data collection tools,  analyzing statistical data received from different sources, understand relationships and apply predefined rules to the raw data.

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Cognitive Learning

Cognitive learning tools consume data supplied by data modelers and apply forecasting methods - Linear Regression, Time Series, and Exponential Smoothing.

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Trend Managers

Identifying trends produced by Machine Learning tools, applying time cycle, establishment rules, processing and generating predictive analytics.

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Embedded RPA

Autopilot forecasting and forward plan generation process by deploying DataMatrix embedded RPA tools following preconfigured time cycles and establishments.

Enterprise Solution Portfolio


Enterprise Resource Planning Solution for Industries focused on MTO, Fabrication and Surface Treatment

FusionFox is available on Amazon AWS cloud under SaaS-based subscription model covering end to end process involved in make to order (MTO) manufacturing, surface treatment industry such as Galvanizing, Coating, Paint Shop or Steel Fabrication. Helping you build risk free and flexible pricing strategies that work best for you and your customers.

Comes with various deployment options, either your strategic preference is to use this as a cloud service (saas) or deploy on a private cloud or consider deploying on-premise.


Transform strategic planning process across organization and functions with stratelogy

All corporate functions do strategic planning, but few do it well. As the pace of change and economic uncertainty make successful strategic planning more challenging but essential. GoFusion provides a measurable and integrated strategic planning platform for the business leaders to set up strategic plans step by step with a responsibility matrix and clear milestones.

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T3Workforce: Enterprise Workforce Management and Skill Planning Solution

goFusion is the development and implementation partner of T3 Workforce Pty Australia. This covers Enterprise Workforce Management, Skill Planning, Forward Planning, and Workforce Optimization. T3 is a single, unified, organically integrated platform to manage your global workforce with strategic workforce planning capability

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