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Simplifying Manufacturing: Cutting down data entry operation upto 60%, yet delivering the outcome, improving performance and efficiency across departments and processes

BiznesPro is a ready-to-go solution meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs of small and mid-sized manufacturing companies. Our offerings are not only tailored to fit seamlessly into your existing infrastructure but are also designed with a focus on simplicity and ease of adoption. With a user-friendly interface and intuitive design, organizations can empower existing staff to quickly grasp and efficiently manage business operations from day one.

Key Benefits of Automating and Managing your Manufacturing Operations with BiznesPro

Sales and Customer Relations Management


Enquiries Management

Efficiently handle, delegate, and oversee customer inquiries, while meticulously monitoring and analyzing data related to inquiry status, trends and reasons for not persuing.

Pricelist and Quotation

Organize customer master data, encompassing contact information, shipping locations, salesperson assignments, negotiated rate agreements, and payment/delivery terms

Sales Order Management

Seamless handling of customer orders, flxibility to amend, real-time tracking of item statuses, monitoring delivery schedules, and managing payment and delivery terms

Dispatch and Invoicing

Simplify material dispatching and invoice generation operations using BiznesPro, while maintaining tax compliance and facilitating data export for accounting systems

Seamlessly automate Enquiry to Invoicing Process with BiznesPro

The process encompasses the following features:

  • Sales Enquiries Management

  • Assign Enquiry to Sales Person

  • Customer Master Data Management

  • Customer Items mapping and pricing

  • Create and  Submit Quotations

  • Update and Resubmit Quotes

  • Pricelist and Rules Management

  • Sales Order Generation

  • Open Orders Management

  • Material Dispatch to Customer

  • Invoice Generation

  • Tax Compliance 

  • Sales Data Analytics 


Purchasing and Supplier Relations Management

Supplier Management

Supervising supplier master data, establishing relationships between suppliers and items, managing categories, contact details, delivery schedules, and pricing contracts.

Purchase Order

Seamless handling of regular and back-to-back purchase orders, flxibility to change or amend, real-time tracking of item received, managing payment and delivery terms

Material Planning

Generate material requirement plans and create purchase requisitions, whether driven by stock levels or customer order fulfillment needs or against production plans.

Data Analytics

Packaged with pre-configured data analytics tools to assist in analyzing purchasing patterns, supplier interactions, and purchasing history by items, region or state 

Making your purchasing process simple and flexible

The process encompasses the following features:

  • Vendor Master Data Management

  • Items Supplied by Vendor and Lead Time

  • Negotiated Rate Agreements

  • Standard Purchase Order Generation

  • Back to Back Purchase Orders

  • Purchase Planning and Requisition

  • Receipt Against Purchase Order

  • Inward Material Quality Inspection

  • Purchase Data Analytics

  • Vendor Data Analytics

  • Customizable Reports


Inventory and Warehouse Management

By automating inventory tracking processes with BiznesPro, you can reduce the likelihood of human error associated with manual data entry. This leads to more accurate inventory records and reduces the risk of stockouts or overstocking. It is fully integrated with Sales, Purchase and Production modules to deliver a seamless experience and enhance process efficiency while optimizing stock levels

Items Management and Stock Tracking

Efficient management of item master data, costing information, setting up minimum sales price and real-time tracking of stock position across warehouses.

Inventory Transactions Management

Improving efficiency in inventory operations, including receiving from vendors, dispatching to customers, material issues, returns, adjustments and updating finished goods inventory.

Multiple Warehouse Operations Management

Streamlining multi-warehouse operations and providing greater visibility into inventory levels, locations, and movements of inventory across warehouses.

Streamline your Manufacturing Operation with BiznesPro

Capacity Modeling

By gaining a clear insight into plant capacity, we assist in avoiding resource overloading or underutilization, thereby enhancing efficiency and productivity to the fullest.

Production Planning

Improve productivity through the automation of production planning steps, encompassing bill of materials setup, production plan generation, and job scheduling.

Production Management

Manage production orders, track job progress updates, monitor material usage, oversee job run times, and manage quality inspection process and control rejection

Job and Product Costing

Efficiently tracking product and job costs in manufacturing is achieved through strategic allocation of direct and indirect expenses to plant and work centers

Optimize manufacturing  operations and adopt most advanced and scientific approach to product and job costing

BiznesPro capability covers the following features:

  • Bill of Materials (BoM)

  • Work centers management

  • Allocate direct and indirect costs to the manufacturing plant and work centers

  • Create and manage production plans

  • Schedule production jobs

  • Track job and production status 

  • Create and manage work center tasks

  • Adhoc job card management

  • Quality control and rejections

  • Finished goods stock updation

  • Automated job and product costing

  • Ready to use production data analytics

  • Mobility for shop floor staff to update job card status

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