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DataMetrics: Leverage historical data capabilities to build an intelligence and proactive enterprise while achieving industry 4.0 goals

Data mining, knowledge discovery, and machine learning from historical data are all good starting points, but systematically applying these trends/ insights to improve efficiency, optimize resources utilization and build data-driven business strategies is key to drive value. DataMetrics is a unified platform that learns from historical data and generates predictive analytics.

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Dormant data residing in the enterprise systems can be your most valuable assets

Organizations have a mountainous volume of data that has been collected and created but have limited or no ability to learn from the errors made in the past, areas to improve, and opportunities crossed. Data is most effective when everyone has the ability and skills to access and generate insights. Organizations lack the internal culture, systems capability, and structure to facilitate.

DataMetrics is an integrated platform designed for effective and efficient utilization of massive amounts of transactional data using, data mining, machine learning, pattern recognition, trend building, and generating predictive analytics. This can help businesses in strategic planning, investment, risk management, and other decision-making goals is of critical importance.


Cognitive Automation Platform: Transforming the process from knowledge discovery to generating forward business intelligence

The hype around AI has resulted in exaggerated expectations and vague details. With a clear understanding of AI's capabilities — and the best way to determine how it can benefit the organization is really to make good use of the statistical data already available in your enterprise systems — DataMetrics is fully capable of delivering on the promise of AI while maintaining realistic expectations.

Why DataMetrics:

  • Integrated platform: Transforming the process from knowledge discovery using data mining, recording trends, and generating forward business intelligence

  • We help you build the right data mining strategies and apply correct machine learning production tools that consume statistical data residing in your existing enterprise systems.

  • Organizations don't need to employ data scientists or learn new languages; all you need is an integrated AI platform to automate processes from learning to applying - DataMetrics does exactly the same.

  • Delivering enterprise solutions to diverse industries for more than two decades; gives us the ability to understand your data structure, challenges, and integrity.

DataMatrix Artificial Intelligence AI Platform RPA

Increase efficiency and reduce risk

Our state-of-the-art solutions are going to help you use more science than guess or gut. Make accurate and timely decisions while eliminating the risk of miscalculations

End-to-end Process Automation

Designed to transform processes starting from data collection, modeling, data mining, knowledge discovery, data transformation, prediction modeling, and robotic forecast generation  

Embedded Data Analytics

Bundled with a variety of data analytics to empower decision-makers and help in understanding data trends, create your own data set, and export data patterns/ trends to excel file format.

Build a well-prepared and future ready organiztion by understanding trends and data patterns

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