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Ai-driven employee performance management with Perfacto

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Project Evaluation: A key to improving performance, customer retention, and minimizing risk

Gartner's research shows that 75% of organizations have proved that customer satisfaction leads to revenue growth through increased retention or lifetime value. Perfacto is an integrated project performance management platform that transforms the process of feedback collection, robotic measurement of feedback data, and obtaining useful insights that help you understand and improve the customer experience. 

Explore what Perfacto can do to boost your Project performance drive
Evaluation is an opportunity to push for adaptations and mid-course corrections to maximize project success

Efficient evaluation results benefit the ongoing projects and ensure future success.

Perfacto can help you build the right project evaluation strategies and transform the review and measurement process. Here is the list of key benefits:

  • Improve customer satisfaction by collecting feedback and helping you take the right steps at the right time

  • Reduce the risk of project failure by implementing milestone-based customer feedback and pushing for adaptations and mid-course corrections

  • Opportunity to learn from past mistakes and take steps to prevent that in the future.   

  • Improve the quality of the service and ensure continued business from your customers.

  • Improve customer retention rate: Customer feedbacks are key to increasing repeat business from your customers.

  • Control cost overruns by assessing factors causing budget and time over-run.

Build flexible project review strategies and autopilot feedback collection and measurement process

Feedback collection is a repetitive activity and involves a significant amount of manual work and resources. This is why most organizations understand the importance but they are still not geared up to kick start. Perfacto is your perfect starting point that will eliminate all the manual work involved and robotically manage the end-to-end processes with very minimal human involvement.

The key benefits are as follows:

  • Set up feedback scheduling rules, frequency, and trigger events.

  • Generating and monitoring feedback schedules, robotically emailing all the invitees with a weblink to provide feedback.

  • Managing internal and external invitees list with their respective roles and email contact. 

  • Concluding feedback cycle when all the mandatory feedbacks are received or on the due date.    

  • Generating performance scores and generating analytics to help you analyze feedback data.


AI-driven project feedback automation allows you to involve diverse stakeholders in the feedback collection process.

Encompass different perspectives in the Project feedback collection process

Build flexible feedback collection strategies based on project types. Here is the list of stakeholders who can provide project feedback in Perfacto:

  • Project Managers 

  • PMO Team

  • Internal Invitees

  • External Invitees List (Customer)

  • User group

  • Performance Centres 


Measure project success from the real achievements data and key value drivers

Measurement is key to assessing the impact and value of projects. It provides project visibility and delivers insight to strengthen future business decisions. Data drives many decisions in business today and you are also expected to measure the performance of the project with data. Here are some of the key ways to help you measure your project performance along with key performance indicators that really matter for the project's success and high ROI.

  • Budget: Costs need to be monitored during the project to be sure you’re within the allocated budget.

  • Schedule: It is very important to measure if the projects are delivered on time.  

  • Project impact: Measure how project outcomes are impacting your organizational goals.

  • Return on Investment (ROI): Measure returns on the time, resources, and money invested in the project.

  • Quality: Evaluate your project quality and take corrective measures before you get to the end.

  • Resources: How much management and workforce time is going into delivering the project

Business meeting

Manage project performance drivers (KPIs) and measure achievements 

Strategically boost project performance with Perfacto

Set key performance indicators for projects to drive high performance and ensure that you are getting the most out of your project investment. Perfacto can help you achieve:

  • Build project evaluation strategies

  • Set performance indicators and weight

  • Scientific measurement of achievements

  • Define average performance point

  • Manage achievement data

  • Generate performance scores

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