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Perfacto AI-driven performance management

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Performance Centers: Manage and measure the performance of a department, division, operating unit, workgroup, or team put together to achieve business goals

Enforce performance-driven behavior consistently throughout the organization, cascade business strategies to business units and team objectives level to be an organization that delivers long-term performance. Perfacto will get you a clear picture of performance across the business and set the stage for you to boost performance drive across organization.


Build performance centers: Measure department, sub-department, Division, Workgroup and Business Unit Performance

Build a culture of performance centres

The first step to building an inclusive performance culture is to create multiple performance centres in the organization. You can build any number of performance centres and enrol employees in these centres based on their contribution and association. You can also add a department, division, business unit, workgroup or project as a centre. 

It enables organizations to: 

  • Flexibility to create different performance centres within an organization structure. 

  • Integrated with departments, operating or business units, projects and workgroups

  • Assign a home performance centre to the employees by enrolling them in the centre.

  • Create employee assignments and track employee association with different performance centres.

  • Analyze employees waiting to be enrolled in the performance centre. 

Setting SMART KPIs

Managers often talk about performance. There are targets and objectives to achieve – at an individual, team level and unit level – to meet your organization's goals and deliver performance. But how do you measure performance? Sure, most of believe that your team is putting in their best effort, and may have data also to back it up. But is everyone working in the right direction? Does their work achieve the outcomes that your team and organization aiming?

Perfacto is the answer to these questions and helps you set smart KPIs those are:

  • Specific: Define value drivers with clarity on what each KPI will measure, and why it's important.

  • Measurable: Setup evaluation metrics for each KPI to measure results scientifically.

  • Achievable: Setting required framework to ensure targets setting is  consultative and achievable.

  • Relevant: Individual KPIs can be connected with the team and organization goals to measure inclusive performance.

  • Time-Bound: You can setup review periods e.g. yearly with quarterly checkpoints.

Performance Inclusion Management

You will only succeed in this transformation journey if those in leadership pivot from command-and-control management styles to respect and value each team member’s contribution. Top leadership needs to nominate a competent inclusion council to ensure that performance targets set for the centres are and realistic, consultative and achievements are measured fairly.


Perfacto inclusion council needs to ensure:

  • Performance targets set for different performance centres are realistic, consultative and achievable.

  • The process of measuring achievements against the targets is fair and transparent. 

  • There are no disputes allowed to develop among team members on their contributions.

  • Competent persons are nominated to finalize performance centre periodic targets and to update achievements.


Feedback Automation

Build center review strategies and measure feedback data robotically. Collect diverse feedback from the leadership, departments, business units, and employees.

Centre Feedback 360

Centre Targets

Set center KPIs, performance targets, updates and measure achievements. 100+ ready-to-use KPIs and evaluation metrics to help you start your center performance drive perfectly.

Objectives and Targets

Hybrid Reviews

Center performance drive that includes feedback and targets-based performance assessment. It also integrates center KPIs with enterprise-level performance goals and objectives.

Hybrid Project Reviews

Inclusive Performance

This further extends the hybrid center review model to measure the performance of the resources deployed in the center and derive employee scores based on the inclusion ratio.

Project Resources Review


Set strategic priorities with Perfacto; kickstart your journey towards creating a high-performance culture

Perfacto brings diverse tools to robotically manage and measure achievement and feedback data. It generates yearly and quarterly performance scores of different departments, performance centers, business segments, operating units, teams, and individuals.


It also enables you to:

  • Customize achievement data evaluation methods for different types of goals to help machine learn and generate scores.

  • Setup multiple goals for a performance center and define evaluation weight for each periodic goal.

  • Define key contributors, contribution levels, and freeloaders while updating quarterly achievements.

  • Highly configurable measurement scales, data rules, and transparent evaluation process

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