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PowerDrive: Intelligent automation that eliminates all non-value-added activities from the business processes

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution for large manufacturing, construction, contracting, FMCG, distribution, and mining companies. Powered by embedded RPA tools, machine learning, and 100+ data analytics

Most Intelligence ERP Software Solution in the marketplace for diverse industries

FusionFox PowerDrive is highly intelligent, powered by vast functional capabilities, embedded RPA Tools, Machine Learning Tools, Predictive Analytics, Ready to use Data Analytics, and Visualization Tools.

ScopeRide is fully equipped to transform end-to-end processes, deliver high performance and eliminate manual and mundane activities from the business processes.

Key Capabilities of FusionFox PowerDrive:

  • One unified platform to manage customer relations, sales orders, distribution, delivery schedules, and customer rate agreements.

  • Streamlining Order to Cash, Procure To Pay, Make To Order, Make To Stock, Demand to Procure, Hire to Retire Processes.

  • Autopilot repetitive accounting, cost allocation process, payroll, asset depreciation, and financial accounting process.

  • Create a smoother, uninterpreted flow of information so that you can reduce the cycle time of the entire value stream.

FusionFox PowerDrive Production Dashboard

Organic Integration Across Modules

FusionFox integrates seamlessly across many functions, processes, organization level, and master data that are routinely used in various modules and applications.

End-to-end Process Automation

Automating and streamlining business processes involving different departments, people, and functions. The capability includes autopiloting repetitive processes using embedded RPA tools. 

Embedded Data Analytics

Bundled with a variety of data analytics to empower decision-makers and help in understanding data trends, create your own data set, and export data to excel file format.


FusionFox PowerDrive Functional Capabilities


Customer Relationship Management

Delivering the best customer experience at every touchpoint is the ambition of every business, FusionFox will give you an advantage over your competitors with the following add-on capabilities: 

  • Inquiry and Prospects Management

  • Requirement Analysis and Estimations

  • Quotation Preparation

  • Pricing Policies Management

  • Salesman Activity Centre

  • Sales Projection and Quota Management

Sales and Distribution Management

Delivering customer services on-time demands efficient planning and execution of sales orders, production scheduling, and monitoring. Here are the key capabilities: 

  • Sales Order Management

  • Delivery Planning/ Scheduling

  • Material Release Order

  • Stock Transfer Order

  • Order Processing

  • Material Allocation


Financial Accounting and Cost Management

Efficient Management of Financials, Budgets, and Costs is the key for any organization to consistently deliver performance. Some of the FusionFox capabilities are hereunder:

  • General Ledger Accounts and Transactions

  • Accounts Payable and Receivables

  • Costing Segments and Allocation

  • Budget Generation and Monitoring

  • Cash and Bank Accounts Management

  • Depreciation and Asset Accounting

Material Procurement and Service Acquisition

FusionFox brings all the capabilities under one roof when it comes to streamlining the material and services acquisition process

  • Purchase Requisition Process Automation

  • RFQ and Incoming Quotations

  • Comparison and Vendor Selection

  • Purchase Order Generation

  • Service Acquisition Management

  • Procure To Pay Process Automation 


Inventory and Warehouse Management

Efficient Management of Stock Levels has been a key challenge for most industries, FusionFox can help you efficiently plan and optimize inventory levels.

  • Multiple Warehouses Management

  • Stock Transfer Across Warehouses

  • Material Receipt and Quality Control

  • Material Dispatch Management

  • Safety and Reorder Levels

  • Stock Adjustment and Returns

Contracts and Project Management

Effective project governance and optimum utilization of available resources will result in improving the bottom line. FusionFox is a must-have solution to drive performance.

  • SoW Planning and Management

  • Build and Manage Frame Contracts

  • Turnkey Projects Management

  • Create and Manage Sub-contracts

  • Project Planning and Operations Management

  • Manage Milestones, Delivery, and Signoffs 


Production Planning and  Manufacturing

Whether you are making-to stock or producing against an order, FusionFox is here to transform an end-to-end process and help you monitor plant capacity utilization.

  • Production Scheduling and Monitoring

  • Material Requirement Planning

  • Workcentre Capacity Planning

  • Creating Daily Work Plans

  • Bill of Material and Product Recipe Builder

  • Shopfloor and Work in Progress

Human Resource and Payroll Management

FusionFox is going to be your one-stop solution when it comes to managing hire-to-retire process, compliance, compensation, and payroll

  • Human Resource Information Management

  • Compensation and Wages

  • Positions and Vacancy Management

  • Time and Attendance

  • Payroll Processing and Locking

  • Payroll Auto Accounting 


Demand Planning and Forecast Management

Efficient demand planning and effective use of robotic process automation can lead to minimizing stock levels and ensuring the availability of material and products.

  • Material Demand Forecasting

  • Forecasting Consolidation and Approval

  • Material Requirement Scheduling

  • Robotic Demand Generation

  • Material Request Process Automation

  • Demand Adjustment and Gap Analysis

Enterprise Asset and Maintenance Management

Forward asset requirement planning can help you optimize the utilization of available assets and minimize the cost of new asset procurement.

  • Asset Life Cycle Management

  • Asset Request Process Automation

  • Issue and Returns Management

  • Preventive and Corrective Maintenance

  • Routines and Work Order Generation

  • Asset Acquisition Planning



FusionFox PowerDrive ERP Processes Overview
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