FusionFox is the First Enterprise Resource Planning Solution that Learns from the data

Delivering the promise that most leading ERP solution providers have failed to comply with - due to the gap between the promise and the capability. We are not an ERP super-market but we have the capability to offer intelligent solutions to the most complex problems and challenges faced by certain industries. Explore the industries that FusionFox works well with.




FusionFox Key capabilities include Sales Management, Project Management, Supply Chain, Inventory Management, Multi Warehousing, Finance Management, and Manufacturing. The key processes which are tightly integrated across different functions are Order-to-cash, Procure-to-pay, and Make-to-order. We understand that all the industries do not operate in the same way and therefore we customize the solution to meet your specific business needs - available on Amazon AWS Cloud and also on-premise.


Contracting and Construction Industries can find intelligent solutions to the most complex problems they face. 

It always starts from understanding the scope of work, building the correct BOQ, calculating estimated cost, and locking the price with external vendors or service providers. Industries face multiple challenges start from manually managing most of the activities, collaborating on excel sheets, relying on individual assumptions, and constant employee turnover is not just adding-up to the problems but also posing a high risk.

FusionFox is fully equipped to address all the above challenges and automates the entire process seamlessly. Powered by cognitive learning, gives you additional ability to learn from the planning and cost estimation errors made in the past so that you can be more accurate in the future and minimize the risk of losing critical business. 

Specialized Solution for Component Manufacturers, Steel Fabricators and Industries focus on Make-To-order (MTO) process

Producing for specific customers against orders needs a specific capability, either it is about generating material requirements, following specification, using approved raw material, adding specific accessories, and following additional processes for custom branding. Most importantly tracking production status against a customer order and managing customer goods stock in the warehouse.


Besides the standard ERP capability, FusionFox is designed to streamline the complete make-to-order process in the manufacturing industry. It can learn from the planning data, customer purchasing behavior and help you plan future demand more efficiently.

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FusionFox Swift: Delivering Capability to small and mid-size industries without complication

FusionFox Swift is an Express ERP Solution fully equipped to manage end-to-end business processes of small to medium-size enterprises. It includes Order Management, Supply Chain, Inventory Management, Financial with Cost Accounting, and Master Data Management and then you can add-on functionality from our list of add-on modules as you grow.


Powered by a variety of data visualization tools, data analytics, Dashboards to give you an extraordinary user experience and power to gain maximum value from the transactional data.