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SurfacePro Toll Manufacturing ERP Software

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Metaleo: We deliver Systems Intelligence you require to drive your business safely, quickly, and smartly.  

Metaleo is a Cloud Software Solution for small and mid-size businesses providing toll manufacturing services such as Surface Finishing, Galvanizing, Coating, Plating, Polishing, Anodizing, Material Treatment and Paintshop

Metaleo is a One-Stop Software Solution for Toll Production and Surface Finishing Industry

Organizations involved in providing surface treatment services are dealing with industry-specific challenges, and standard ERP systems are unable to address business requirements.

FusionFox Metaleo is fully equipped to transform end-to-end processes, deliver high performance and improve customer experience.

Key Capabilities of FusionFox Metaleo:

  • Customers can approve estimation or process fees online from the regular computer and mobile interface.

  • System sending automated email updates to your customer when their material is ready for pickup.

  • Enabling estimators or material inspectors to update material condition and processing requirements using the regular and mobile interface.

  • Work Centre staff can update production status and progress from the regular computer and also from the mobile interface.

SurfacePro Toll Manufacturing Software ERP

Delivering services on time with good customer experience is the key to retaining your valuable customers and business growth

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Build Flexible Pricing Strategies

Metaleo will streamline your process, minimize the risk of miscalculation, implement pricing policy for different material categories and surface conditions.

End-to-end Process Automation

Metaleo is designed to automate the end-to-end business processes involved in treating customer material, as well as to streamline capacity planning and production scheduling.

Embedded Data Analytics

Bundled with a variety of data analytics to empower decision-makers and help in understanding data trends, create your own data set, and export data to excel file format.

Industries that can deploy FusionFox Metaleo and start using from day 1

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