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Aluminum Supplier

Minimizing the risk of miscalculation using a three-dimensional pricing model

You can build pricing policies by applying rules on Material Category, Grade, or Condition. FusionFox Metaleo automatically identifies processing requirements based on the material category and condition to arrive at the pricing based on the pre-defined rules. You can also define a customer pricing agreement that overrides standard pricing policies and rules. Furthermore, providing you the flexibility to choose from three different billing units applicable to specific material categories.

Material Weight

You can define pricing based on the material weight for certain material categories or for all the material coming for processing. This is the most standard price model adapted by most coating industries.

Per Piece or Quantity

Depending on resources and time required in processing the material. You can also consider building pricing based on the no of pieces that you are processing for certain material categories.

Surface Area

If you are processing steel sheets or material with low weight and large surface area then you can adapt the surface area-based pricing model offered by FusionFox for certain material categories

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Metaleo Functional Capabilities are built to address business needs of the organizations providing toll manufacturing services and treating customer material

End-to-end business processes are integrated and streamlined using FusionFox Metaleo.



Metaleo - Software for Metal Finishing Industry

Customer Relationship Management

Delivering the best customer experience at every touchpoint is the ambition of every business, FusionFox Metaleo will give you an advantage over your competitors with the following capability: 

  • Inquiry Management and sharing service charge using an automated email. 

  • Inspect customer material, build and email quotation instantly from mobile or computer including processing requirements and charges.​

  • The customer receives an automated email along with weblink to view the estimated charges and approve from either mobile phone or a computer

  • Manage regular and walk-in customers seamlessly using the same user experience

  • Build flexible pricing policies that can be applied either on quantity, material weight, or surface area

  • Manage standard and customer-specific pricing agreements

Work orders management

Delivering customer services on time demands efficient management of work orders, production scheduling, and monitoring. Following are the key capability points:

  • Create and maintain work orders, receipt of customer material, update weight and specification information​

  • Maintain drawing numbers if applicable to ensure customer requirements are correctly addressed​

  • It contains material type, rate catalog, and surface category along with processing requirements and applicable charges

  • You charge customers by either material weight, quantity/pieces, or surface-area whatever works best for you for the given material

  • Work Order tracking, monitoring of delivery dates, quantities delivered, and invoicing status​​

Metaleo - Software for Toll Manufacturing
Metaleo - Software for Galvanizers

Production and capacity management

Integrated production scheduling and management of production processes with real-time visibility on production status will keep you up-to-date:

  • Manage multiple operating units/ plants, work centers, workforce assigned to the work center​

  • Workcentre capacity planning, availability, and monitoring resource utilization​

  • Production scheduling, and generation of job cards

  • Day of production management, update quantities produced at the process level and at the job card level.​

  • Automated email to the customer when the material is ready for collection

  • Prebuild data analytics to monitor production activities, work orders, and capacity utilization 

Material returns and invoice generation

Seamless generation of material return and invoices with the flexibility to accommodate your current business needs out-of-the-box

  • Return processed material to customer and keep track of what is pending for collection.​

  • Generate cash or credit invoice against either single or multiple material return records.

  • You can also create invoices directly against work orders using the return cum invoice function.

  • Include warehousing charges if the customer does not pick up material in the given time.

  • Export invoices data in the excel format to further upload in your accounting system

  • Flexibility to set up applicable service taxes to calculate tax compliant invoices

Metaleo - Software for Paintshops

FusionFox Metaleo User experience

Metallic Pieces
FusionFox SurfacePro ERP Plant Capacity Availability, utilization
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