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Manufacturing Assembly

Simple and easy to adopt solution for small and mid-sized manufacturers to streamline processes

Industries involved in making products to sell or stock are facing diverse challenges that include delivering quality products at a competitive price, meeting customer expectations, and shortage of skilled workers. Manufacturers need to optimize plant operation, transform processes and keep a close eye on the operating cost.


FusionFox Manufact key capabilities include Customer Relationship Management, Sales and Order Management, Demand Planning and Production Planning, Production Process Automation, Material Requirement Planning, Bill of Materials, Plant Capacity, Utilization, Cost of Operation, Procurement, and Inventory Management. 


FusionFox processes are tightly integrated across different functions and deliver a seamless user experience without any need for training or implementation. It is available on the cloud, delivered preconfigured with an easy-to-follow checklist so that you can self configure, learn and start using from day 1. 


No capital investment or implementation required - offered under a SaaS model so you pay as you use. 

Increase efficiency and reduce risk

Our cutting-edge solutions will assist you in automating the process of managing sales, inventory, and manufacturing-related processes while optimizing operating costs and effective management of work centres and shop floor.

End-to-end Process Automation

Transform the process starting from inquiry, quotation, sales order, production planning, Bill of Material, MRP, Production Orders, Work Centres, Production Processes, Inventory, and Scrap Management.

Embedded Data Analytics

Bundled with a variety of data analytics to empower decision-makers and help in understanding data trends, create your own data set, and export data to excel file format.



Inquiries, Quotation, Cost Estimation, and Scope of Work Management

Production Planning

Generate and Manage Period-wise Production Plans

Plant Capacity Planning

Manage plant, Work Centres and schedule resources

Inventory Management

Inventory transactions, receipts, issue and adjustments

Order Management

Sales Orders, Dispatch to Customer, and Invoice Generation

Bill of Materials

Manage BOM covering Material, Manpower, Overheads and Scrap

Work Centre Operation

Manage Work Centres, Related overheads and schedule resources


Create and Manage Procurement or Purchase Orders

Delivery Scheduling

Schedule product delivery against regular and open orders


Generate Material Requirement Plans against production Plans

Production Management

Create, Manage and Execute Production Orders

Data Analytics

Produfactors is powered with 10+ prebuilt Data Analytics

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