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Minimizing the risk of miscalculation by adopting a scientific approach

Get rid of the excel sheet-based cost estimation and repetition of the activities that pose a high risk of either under calculating all applicable costing factors or risk of losing an opportunity by over calculating. It is important to constantly monitor and optimize costing elements using planned versus actual cost variance

Accelerate Response

Respond to the opportunities or tenders faster than ever before by accelerating the process, adapting scientific approach and reusability of the information needed to create response against customer requirements

Increase Efficiency

Conventional management of costing information and estimations, as well as the use of more guesswork in planning, provide a significant risk of losing business and increasing incidents of cost overruns. Time to transform processes with ScopeRider.

Reduce Dependency

Dependence on skilled resources to understand the scope and offer costing information or estimation has become challenging; it is extremely important to adopt technology to improve efficiency and overcome challenges.

ScopeRide is fully equipped Software Solution for small and mid-size industries providing construction, Building and Contracting Services

ScopeRide is integrating and streamlining End-to-end Business Processes  



Software for Construction and Contractors

Customer Relationship Management

Delivering the best customer experience at every touchpoint is the ambition of every business, FusionFox ScopeRIde will give you an advantage over your competitors with the following capability: 

  • Inquiry, Tender, and Opportunity Management. Ability to analyze inquiries that were dropped along with the reason

  • Scope configuration engine includes manpower, material, services, overheads, pre-requisites, payment milestones, and activities involved.​

  • Build quotations and respond to the inquiries faster by eliminating repetitive tasks from the process

  • Automate and optimize scope identification and cost estimation process

  • Prebuild data analytics to help you analyze SoW, quotation, and reason for winning and losing if any. 

Contract Order Management

Delivering contract and scope on time demands efficient management of SoW, timely allocation of tasks, and close monitoring. Following are the key capabilities:

  •  Create and maintain contract orders that include SoW, Scope elements, and timelines to deliver each milestone.​

  • Auto-generate project plan, milestones, signoff requirements, and deliverables

  • Including the materials to be either consumed or delivered to the customer and also if they need to be procured

  • Subcontract SoW elements or services to the vendors and maintain contract information

  • Transfering costing information from the quotation and SoW that includes material, manpower, and services to be delivered.

  • Contract Order tracking, monitoring of key delivery dates, activities delayed 

Software for Construction and Contractors
Software for Construction and Contractors

Project Operations Management

Manage project deliverables, build project activity plans automatically, deliver services to the customers on time, and every time

  • The project activity center will give you full visibility on how the project is progressing and activities in progress​

  • The system generates project plan automatically from the SoW activity configuration​

  • Individual task center to update the status of the task or activities assigned to the individuals.

  • Day of operation helps you monitor activities planned today or on any upcoming day and see if all the prerequisites are ready to avoid delays.​

  • Prebuild data analytics to help decision-makers in making data-driven decisions

Delivery, Signoffs, and Invoicing

Effective communication with customers and letting them know the status at each stage can help you keep your customers happy:

  • Manage and track the services delivered and to be delivered to the customers. ​

  • Collect required sign-off or clearance in order to raise invoices in time and claim payment.​

  • Management of the payment milestones, the system will automatically send an email when a milestone is due for invoicing or payment.

  • Generate invoices on time to manage project cash flow

Software for Construction and Contractors
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