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MTO or Manufacturing after receiving customer's orders means to start a pull-type supply chain operation. Manufacturing is initiated when demand is confirmed. Industry strategically focuses on the MTO Make-to-order process deal with a different set of challenges starting from building a custom bill of material, production planning, generating material requirement plan against each order, following customer specification and tracking the status of the customer sales order. 


FusionFox manufacturing suite streamlines the MTO process and helps you build strong  Customer relationships which are based on delivering the promise of quality, delivery, and meeting customer requirements efficiently.

FusionFox Tailoras is available on AWS Cloud Under SaaS-Based Pricing Model and is Suitable for Small to Mid-size Businesses, Manufacturing against Customer Orders and Specifications

Increase efficiency and reduce risk

Our cutting-edge solutions will enable organizations to rely on science rather than intuition or guesswork. Enabling organizations to take infomed decisions.

End-to-end Process Automation

Designed to transform processes starting from receiving customer inquiry, quotation, order, BoM, Production Scheduling, Production Management, dispatching, and invoicing 

Embedded Data Analytics

Bundled with a variety of data analytics to empower decision-makers and help in understanding data trends, create your own data set, and export data to excel file format.

Learn how does FusionFox Tailoras integrate and transforms the processes in Make To Order - MTO Manufacturing


Minimizing the risk of miscalculation by transforming MTO Process

It is a proven fact that those who can satisfy due dates promised with customers and can shorten lead times will have a competitive advantage. FusionFox is the most capable solution available in the market and helps you build stronger customer relationships and eliminate the risk of manual errors

Acceralate Response

Respond to the opportunities or tenders faster than ever before by accelerating the process, adapting scientific approach and reusability of the information needed to create response against customer requirements

Increase Efficiency

Manual management of activities is posing a high risk of not meeting delivery promises made to the customers. FusionFox will not only streamline the processes involved but also increase the efficiency and driving  performance

Reduce Dependency

Dependency on skilled resources who are driving the activities manually can only be minimized by transforming process and empowering the workforce to deliver expected results and meet targets

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